Patients and Their Families

“The rapport you have with your patients and their families is wonderful. More doctors could learn from you Dr. Goldstein.”

“You never gave up on him, even in the midst of many who did. I believe that the two of us have many happy years left together, and we thank you for them.”

“You are not only a highly skilled surgeon but with your warm and dynamic personality you make all your patients feel that they are a special friend of yours.”

“Thank you for reinforcing the fact that there really are caring and loving people among us.”

“I am so happy that we found Dr. Goldstein!! He is very knowledgeable and caring. Additionally, his office manager is wonderful too. Very personable and easy to work with.”

“Many, many THANK YOU’S for giving me the ‘gift of renewed life’ with your successful four by-pass heart surgery. I feel I am only around 50 years old now instead of 84 years young.”

“You came into my husband’s room- business-like with straight talk! For me, his wife of 56 years, a Calm came – same for our five children….we say our thanks every day that you were, and are, there, for all your patients and their families. You are blessed with a very unique gift, and caring beyond belief.”

“I had a surgery 2003. Dr. Andrew Goldstein did an amazing job. My surgery was 14 years ago and I do not have problems of any kind with my health. Thank you so much Dr. Goldstein.”

“On May 7th 2016, Dr. Goldstein saved my life. When no other heart surgeon was available, Dr. Goldstein, after just coming home from an 11-hour surgery at 4am, turned back around to the hospital and completed my life saving emergency aortic dissection surgery. At 47 years old, I can only humbly say thank you for allowing me to watch my kids grow up and have kids of their own. You are truly my hero. You are the very best!”

“Dr. Goldstein is a very compassionate, and caring physician as well as highly skilled. He put me and my family at ease thru a very trying situation and his true care and concern showed thru with ease. We are so very grateful for his dedication to his career. He is a remarkable man!! His Office Manager is also a caring and very helpful person to deal with. Thank you all!”

“I feel well for my 94 years. Before the transplant [aortic valve replacement] I could hardly move around without help, but now I have no problem except that I am not a fast mover.”

“I am now back on the golf course with my friends.”

“Your confidence gave us confidence.”

“The period leading up to the operation should have been the most trying time of my life, but your knowledge and demeanor made me confident that the surgery would be a complete success. I want to make sure you understand that I especially appreciated your availability and support during my stay. The hospital staff was complimenting your abilities and your interest in all your patients.”

Medical Professionals

“Several of the nurses who assisted you with my care remarked at how good you were to work with. They asked me if I thought you would stay the same or change over time, and my response was that you will stay the same because you are a good person and a very caring person.” – Lung surgery patient and RN

“Congratulations on your ‘Top Doc’ honor! You have been incredible with patients and a true inspiration.” – Referring cardiologist

“In my 30 years as an RN, I have found that some physicians have a technical finesse and some have ‘people-skills’ – rarely both. You are blessed with both.”

“We had an incident in DCU…I just wanted to let you know how much your calm, pleasant demeanor really helped us at a critical moment making all the difference in this patient’s outcome. Thank you so much, we very much appreciate you.” – Nursing supervisor

“I am a RN and in the past was a heart transplant coordinator at Froedtert Hospital so I appreciate all you do and have done for your patients. This is just to let you know how thankful our family is for saving my brother’s life. I read all your accomplishments before his surgery but I was more impressed with your video explaining how you see your patients and oversee the care they need. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU can’t say it enough!”